2 則迴響

  1. Ethan said,

    2007/04/30 於 2:04 下午

    構圖有改進, 但是 右上角物體的陰影
    和其他物體 並不一致

  2. amanda said,

    2007/04/30 於 5:34 下午

    Besides what Ethan said above:

    1. 試試看將位於一點鐘方向的青椒改放到五點鐘.
    2. Replace the orange with something smaller and non-round shape.
    3. You can place a lot more grapes to cover up the stiff vase and balance the empty bottom left corner. Also remove the funny grape on the right side of vase.
    4. Check out how other people set up their vegetable models. Unless you have seen plenty of examples, you will always ponder on the same question, “How come my composition looks funny?" It’s easy to get your techniques right in a short period of time, but it takes time to have a good sense of aesthetics.
    5. The most important: RELAX! Once you relax, your viewers won’t feel the stiffness and all the composition problems will become pretty minor actually. 🙂


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